Dr. Preeti Tandon
(Specialist Obstetrics & Gynaecology Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeon. )

MBBS, MD(Obs/Gynae), F.MAS(Laparoscopic Surgeon), FICOG
Diploma in Adv Gynae Endoscopy (France), Certified Robotic Surgery Training (USA).

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Preconception Gynae Consultation

Preconception is always a better choice and particularly for those on their first baby, or with any running health problem or concerns with the previous pregnancy. So it is always a good option to consult at least two to three months before one plan to start looking for the option. It leaves one with the enough time for the needed vaccine.

The can many reasons counted that would compel you to consider preconception counseling a mandatory measure before a pregnancy:

  • Fend-off any possibility that can affect the women’s health during the course of pregnancy.
  • To ensure optimal value of nutrition in the body to create safe condition for delivery and avoid any complications to mother and baby as well
  • Obesity can become the greater cause of many complications during complications.
  • Being in a condition of underweight may lead to pose a risk during pregnancy.
  • Environment in which the couple dwelling on may also affect the pregnancy.
  • STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) can be avoided
  • Pre-gestational diabetes to be easily avoided before the course of pregnancy.

Your doctor may advice to go through some tests, to rule out some below mentioned issues.

These questions should make you proactive in your approach:

  • Am I susceptible to any kind of risk? Do I need to take some set of particular precautions?
  • Is my weight is per health standard?
  • Is my future child at risk for any set of genetic condition? Do you prescribe some specific precautions?
  • Is my immune system is ok?
  • Are there any specific health problems or condition I must take care of before to think about conceiving?
  • Is the medication I am using perfect for me? If not, then what should I take?
  • Will the birth control measure I was taking have enough effect? How long I stop this prescription to get pregnant?
  • Is there any sort of exercise or physical activity that can make an impact my chances of conceiving? What are some important instructions for it?
  • What kind of diet should I prefer, and what to avoid? What about the products like – Alcohol or Smoke?
  • Can a prenatal vitamin recommended for this?
  • Is there any sort of environmental periphery should be avoided?
  • Should I keep myself from any sort of over-the-counter medications?
  • What month should I consider to conceive pregnancy?
  • What can my husband and do avoid any discrepancies of getting pregnant?